Welding vs soldering

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Welding vs soldering, the debate!!! In most of the case, the terms welding and soldering are both used to give the same meaning but there’s actually a big difference between them.

The main variation between welding and soldering is melting. While welding, the parts connect together by melting with a filler metal which creates one piece of metal. However, in soldering it is only the filler metal that melts to join the pieces, kind of like glue.

Can soldering replace welding?

No, it is preferred to weld since when you blend metals together it creates a much stronger connection than gluing them which makes it a better option for mechanical needs. Soldering is used more often in applications where you don’t need a strong junction such as on electronic components like pc board or thin metal such as radiator pipes where you don’t want to make a ton of heat.

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