Regulator Medalist 350 system | Victor

Regulator Medalist 350 system | Victor


— Heavy-Duty construction Regulator made of premium solid brass

— Input capacity of 0-4000 psi. / Outlet pressure of 0-200 psi.

— The 2 ” dial includes an easy-to-read gradation

— ¼ NPT pipe hose threads

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WELDING PRODUCTS ONLINE | Outfit Oxygen/Acetylene regulator style Victor CGA 510 Medium-duty | Medalist 350



Regulator Medalist 350 system Features:

  • Large Regulator body for heavy-duty applications
  • Colour-coded knobs
  • Forged Brass body and Zinc aluminum housing cap
  • 2” (50.8 mm) gauges
  • 9/16”-18 outlet connection
  • Internal relief


Regulators are divided into two chambers:

A low-pressure chamber and a high-pressure chamber.

When you open the gas valve on the torch, a vacuum is created which causes the membrane to bend under the effect of the spring. This determines the opening and communication between the two chambers, generating the exit of gas from the high-pressure chamber to the low-pressure one. For closing, the process is the opposite, with the pressure determining the return of the membrane to its original position and the interruption of the flow of gas from the high-pressure chamber to the lower pressure chamber.

The role of pressure regulators is fundamental in the apparatus relating to oxyacetylene welding. These devices offer the possibility of easily adjusting the pressure and, moreover, keeping it constant at a value fixed for the time required for welding.

On the other hand, the guaranteed safety of these devices must be maximum because a failure can have serious consequences both on the components to be welded and on the operator carrying out the welding. The design and handling of these devices must be accomplished with great care and by properly trained personnel.


Regulator Medalist 350 system Includes:

Heavy Duty Construction

WH411C torch handle with built-in Check Valves

 One Cutting Attachment

Cutting tip,

RM-grade hose 25’ x 1/4”

striker and soft-sided goggles

G350 Series Regulators




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